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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can I use an electric fireplace to heat my camper? All electric fireplaces are supplemental heat sources, not intended to be your main source of heat. Forced air furnaces, as well as wall-mounted LP/Propane furnaces are popular options as primary heat sources. Fireplaces are ideal for cold summer nights or late spring/early fall. 

How do I know what size furnace I need? A general rule of thumb for campers and RVs is to have 1,000 BTU of heat per foot of length on your trailer. Fish Houses or Ice houses are recommended to have 1,500 BTU per foot, as they're subject to more extreme weather conditions. For example, a 32 foot trailer (or 21 foot ice house) would ideally have a 30,000-35,000 BTU furnace.

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Formica Laminate top and press board bottom. Scratch and dent. 
83.25”x25.25” Angled Countertop. Formica laminate top and press board bottom. Scratch and dent. 
Looking to add more counterspace to your van, rv, camper, or fishhouse? These conveniently sized table tops pair perfectly with our 12" white flip-up brackets to make a countertop extension, or just an extra table for setting drinks or cards on.
The Flame King portable heater provides 20,000 BTUs for up to 1 hour on a single propane bottle and up to 2 hours on two 1lb propane bottles.
Elegance made simple with a sleek and modern design. Available for two and three burner drop-in cooktops with or without side wind guards.
Pinnacle's Pedestals offer an 11.5 stand for your washer or dryer. The Pedestals help save space by matching the footprint and adding a useful drawer for storing laundry accessories and products. Each pedestal features leveling legs and a water drain desi
The JCJ Enterprises Furnace Insect Screen prevents motor damage or burner blockage to your furnace caused by nesting insects, mice, birds, or any other small critters.
Coleman Mach 10 13.5K air conditioner now comes in 48 Volt DC.
Replacement stove top for Black Greystone 17" Oven/Range Combo
The Greystone 36-Inch Wall Mount RV Fireplace has realistic flames and a log set to make any room feel warm and cozy!
Trim kit gives you a clean and finished look when installed into a cabinet.

Trim kit mounting holes: 22-1/4" wide x 12-1/4" tall.
Install this microwave in a cabinet to save space in your RV kitchen. 6 Auto-cook settings and 10 power levels cook food quickly and efficiently. Included rubber feet provide a freestanding option.
The new Everchill roof-mounted RV air conditioners are powerful, efficient, and quiet, perfect for keeping your cabin cool and comfortable in the summer.
Has black glass

Fits most suburban ranges and cooktops.
*Scratch and Dent* The 3032AST is a 2-burner propane cooktop made of high quality materials from Europe and offers top of the line performance. It will add a stylish look to your kitchen area.
The cold weather stopping you from enjoying the great outdoors? Introducing the all new Portable 10,000 BTU Propane Camping Heater by Flame King! This incredible heater eliminates the need to gather firewood and having to deal with all that messy ash.
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