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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can I use an electric fireplace to heat my camper? All electric fireplaces are supplemental heat sources, not intended to be your main source of heat. Forced air furnaces, as well as wall-mounted LP/Propane furnaces are popular options as primary heat sources. Fireplaces are ideal for cold summer nights or late spring/early fall. 

How do I know what size furnace I need? A general rule of thumb for campers and RVs is to have 1,000 BTU of heat per foot of length on your trailer. Fish Houses or Ice houses are recommended to have 1,500 BTU per foot, as they're subject to more extreme weather conditions. For example, a 32 foot trailer (or 21 foot ice house) would ideally have a 30,000-35,000 BTU furnace.

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This RV air conditioner operates quietly, allowing you to relax and enjoy peaceful moments inside your vehicle. Say farewell to noisy distractions and embrace the tranquility of your travels with the GE 13,500 BTU RV Air Conditioner.
Fits the following Dometic refrigerator models: RM3604, RM3804, RM 4804.002, RM4804.005
Replacement for Dometic earlier refrigerators model Micro P-13 and Micro P-1338
Add light to your cooking area Improve airflow in your kitchen to help remove smoke and cooking odors Regulate the temperature in the kitchen area
Now offered with FREE SHIPPING! Americana II DM2672 Refrigerator features two-way power (110 V AC or LP Gas) in 6 Cu. Ft. capacity. Solid steel frame construction help make this one of the best built RV refrigerators on the road, at an affordable price.
- Works with Some Empire Furnaces
- Any Fireplace/Heater with a Millivolt Gas Valve
Last One!
Model Number: DFMD30121
- Quiet Operation
- Low-Profile, Compact Design
- 12 V DC powered unit
- 30,000 BTU
- 10, 000 BTU anti-clog burner output
- Adjustable heat control
- Swivel extension feet fold away completely
- Compatible with 16.4 oz Propane cylinders
Model Number: RT-135
- Fits Standard Roof Openings
- 2850 Watt
- 13.500 BTU
- Thermostat Included
Model Number: P90D23AP-YX-FR03
- 6 Auto-Cook Settings
- Touch Control Panel
- Multiple Mounting Options
- Stainless Steel Color
- Clean and Finished Look Installed into a Cabinet.
- Stainless Steel
Model Number: 45403-869
- 48 Volt DC
- 13.5 K
- Plenum is Not Included
- Flip brackets not included
-Formica Laminate Top
- Press Board Bottom
- Scratch and Dent
Low Inventory!
- Scratch and dent items
- Shipping not available
- Three burners
- 30 Inch Freestanding
- 17 cu. ft. Capacity
- Digital Thermostat
- Designed for non-ducted air conditioners
- Sleek and modern design
Dimensions: 23" x 22" x 4"
- Powerful, reliable cooling performance
- Flexibility of air flow where it is most desired
- Intuitive thermostat
Dimensions: 17 1/10 H x 17 1/10 W x 0 3/5 D
- Space Saving
- Premium Grade Steel
- Easy to Install and Use
- Specifically engineered to fit RM2451RB1F models
- Customize the door swing
Suburban NT-20SQ provides large amount of heat in a small form factor. Has been the go to for RV manufactures for years!
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