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GE Ducted Ceiling Assembly - RARED1A

- Powerful, reliable cooling performance
- Flexibility of air flow where it is most desired
- Intuitive thermostat
Dimensions: 17 1/10 H x 17 1/10 W x 0 3/5 D
Article number: RARED1A
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Introducing the GE Ducted Ceiling Assembly - RARED1A, the perfect upgrade for your RV's air conditioning system. This advanced ceiling assembly is designed to provide efficient and reliable cooling, ensuring optimal comfort during your travels.

The ducted design of this ceiling assembly enables even air distribution throughout your RV, eliminating hot spots and ensuring that every corner is effectively cooled. Say goodbye to uneven cooling and enjoy a consistently comfortable environment inside your RV.

With its sleek and modern design, the GE Ducted Ceiling Assembly seamlessly blends with your RV's interior. The clean white finish complements any decor style, adding a touch of elegance to your living space. Despite its powerful performance, this assembly has a compact size that minimizes its impact on your RV's ceiling.

Equipped with intuitive controls, the ceiling assembly allows you to easily adjust the temperature and fan speed to suit your preferences. The LED display provides clear and convenient readouts, making it effortless to monitor and control the cooling performance.

Installation is quick and hassle-free, thanks to the included mounting hardware and detailed instructions. Simply replace your existing ceiling assembly with the GE Ducted Ceiling Assembly - RARED1A, and experience the improved cooling efficiency in your RV.

Not only does this assembly deliver powerful cooling performance, but it also operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable environment inside your RV. Whether you're camping in the scorching summer heat or seeking respite from high temperatures, this ceiling assembly ensures a cool and comfortable retreat.

The GE Ducted Ceiling Assembly - RARED1A is compatible with RVAC models ARC13AAC, ARC15AAC, and ARH15AAC. It offers powerful and reliable cooling performance, providing flexibility of air flow where it is most desired.

Enjoy superior cooling performance and enhanced comfort in your RV with the GE Ducted Ceiling Assembly - RARED1A. Stay cool and relaxed on your travels with this reliable and efficient ceiling assembly.

Dimensions: 17 1/10" H x 17 1/10" W x 3/5" D

Compatible with RVAC models ARC13AAC, ARC15AAC, ARH15AAC


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