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Vertical 9.5″ x 45″
Opens silently when it’s time to make a shot.
Tight seal keeps scent contained and the elements out.
The Steel Tower System mounts to any Banks Outdoors hunting blind. Equipped with 8/12-gauge steel, this durable tower system can accommodate any hunting situation. The easy-to-assemble design allows it to be erected in the field.
Securely attach any of your Stump Blinds to the ground with the Anchor Kit.
Stay visually concealed inside your blind with our Camo Curtain Kit. Available for all standard windows and NEW Vision Series windows.
Adhesive attachment
High Quality
Available for all blind models
Comes included & installed in Pro Hunter Collection blinds
The Bi-Pod Shooting Stick is an adjustable two leg steady-shot gun rest.
Compatible with any Banks Outdoors Stump hunting blind.
Includes handrail for added safety.
Textured ladder steps help ensure safe entry and exit.
Foot anchor plates allow you to safely secure your tower to the ground.
Quick assembly.
Fits with the D
Fits all Stump Blinds, 2 Handrails, Large Platform, Easy Add-on
Keep your bow off the floor and an arm’s length away at all times with our Bow Hanger.
Comes with interior and exterior handle and all hardware.
Swivels effortlessly to monitor surroundings.
Rolls to move around freely inside the blind.
Cushioned back, bottom and arm rests keep you comfortable for long periods of time.
Ranges from 16″-19″ high
Showingof 13 item(s)