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- Easy Loading and Secure Transportation
- High-Quality Anodized Aluminum
- Angled Profile
- Screws included
- 3 sizing options
- Storage and organization
The Catch Cover Rod Rack holds up to six ice fishing rods, can be mounted to any surface, and is made of poly-plastic material to stay waterproof and easy to clean.
Catch Cover Multi-Flex Rod Holders adjust to any angle. The pivoting rod cradle allows you to see even the lightest bites without using a bobber. Your rod stays secure but is easy to remove when you have a fish on the line. Includes the Quick-Disc Wall Pu
Securely holds all cans, bottles, and koozies. Also makes a handy minnow container! Includes QuickDisc Wall Mount and is interchangeable with Multi-Flex Rod Holders and Rattlesnake Reels.
Showingof 6 item(s)