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Know Your Electrical Systems

What's the difference between a converter and an inverter? A converter will take a 120V power supply and convert it down to a 12V power supply, allowing you to power all of your 12V appliances and lighting while simultaneously charging (and even maintaining) your battery. An inverter will take your 12V power supply (a single battery, or a battery bank) and invert it to 120V. Inverting from 12V to 120V is a much more demanding process, so don't expect too much from a single battery when powering 120V appliances. 

How do I know what size power supply I need? When it comes to recreational camping, there is no one-size-fits-all in the area of electrical. The most common size power inlet is 30 amp, delivering up to 3,600 watts of 120V power. Most large RV's and Fifth Wheel campers will have a 50 amp service, delivering 12,000 watts of 120V (50 amp has two 120V "hot" wires, where 30 amp has one). You can estimate this using the "Amps x Volts = Watts" formula. This is also very useful when deciding what appliances you can operate at the same time under your current power load! 

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Model Number: NV2200
- Reduced Price Due to no Navigation Card
- High-Performance Entertainment with Touch Screen and Bluetooth.
- Front Access Auxiliary Support and Bluetooth Wireless Technology
- Universal
- Works with all Major Brands
- Requires 2 AAA Batteries
Model Number: RZ-6035
- Winegard’s Next Generation in Digital and HD Broadcast
- Catch your Favorite Broadcast Channels Anywhere you go
- Sleek and Aerodynamic Design is Shorter and Smaller than Other Antennas and Complements Every RV
Low Inventory!
- Outdoor Speaker with Blue LED Lights
- Black Plastic Frame
- Simple Bolt-On Installation
- 12V Fan
- Rustic Bronze and Black finish
- 4 Speed Reversible
- 30 Amp
- Built-in scrolling digital display
- Designed for recreational vehicle use only
- 12VDC Converter
-Electronic current limiting capability
- Operates quietly
- 110V Ceiling Fan
- Rustic Bronze Finish
-Double Sealed Motor Bearing
- 3 Speeds with Convenient Reversing Switch
- Versatile and Convenient
Low Inventory!
A moderate power, true sine wave inverter designed to power tools that are sensitive to power quality.
SEAFLO Battery Cut-Off Switch

Industry-Leading 4-Year Warranty!

Protect your RV by installing this SEAFLO Battery Master Switch. Rated at 275A continuous, 450A intermittent, 1250A cranking and 48V. Can be recessed or surface mounted.
NEW Manual Motor Controller 30AMP 600VAC Heavy Duty A600

AMS L44139/001

2 Position switch 

No faceplate
- 510 Watts
- 30 AMPS
- Lithium Compatibility
- Remote Display Compatible
- Two, three, or four-wire zone valves
- Fully fuse protected
- Scratch and dent item
- Battery Box Louver
- Directs Battery Box Fumes Outside the RV for Safety
- Outside Diameter: 4-1/4" x 4-1/4"
- Black Color
- Black housing
- 30Amp rating
- Ensures a tight and secure connection
SEAFLO Battery Selector Switch

Industry-Leading 4 Year Warranty!

The SEAFLO Battery Selector Switch will allow the use of one battery for engine starting and one battery for auxiliary electrical equipment. Batteries may be placed in parallel by swit
Model Number: NV2200
- Enjoy Clear Instructions to your Next Destination
- Combined with Furrion Entertainment Systems for the Perfect Soundtrack to your Journey.
- 10 amp PWM Solar Controller
- Regulates Current Flow from your Solar Module to your Batteries
-Pulse with Modulated (PWM)Technology
- Works with 12V Systems
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