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Red Light Black Base

Red marker light for trailers.

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Introducing the Red Light with Black Base, a versatile and compact lighting solution for various applications. This light features a vibrant red color with a sleek black base, combining both functionality and aesthetics in a single design.

Measuring approximately 2 7/8" in width, 3 7/8" in height, and 1 1/8" in depth, this light offers a compact and space-saving solution for your lighting needs. Its compact size makes it suitable for a wide range of installations, whether it be in automotive, marine, industrial, or other environments where a reliable and visible red light is required.

The red light emitted by this fixture provides clear visibility and serves as a visual indicator for signaling purposes. Whether used for warning, signaling, or decorative purposes, the vibrant red color ensures attention and visibility in various lighting conditions.

The black base of the light adds a touch of sophistication and durability to its design. Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers durability and resilience against impacts, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments. The black finish complements the red light, creating a stylish and modern look.

Installation of the Red Light with Black Base is simple and user-friendly. It typically features pre-drilled mounting holes or a versatile mounting mechanism, allowing for easy attachment to surfaces or structures. The light is designed for direct connection to a power source, making it compatible with standard electrical systems.

Whether used as a warning light, indicator light, or decorative element, the Red Light with Black Base provides a reliable and visually striking lighting solution. Its compact size, durable construction, and vibrant red color make it a versatile choice for various applications.

Upgrade your lighting setup with the Red Light with Black Base. With its compact design, vibrant red light, and durable construction, this light offers a practical and visually appealing lighting solution for a wide range of environments. Enhance safety, visibility, and aesthetics with this essential lighting accessory.

Dimensions: 2 7/8" W x 3 7/8" H x 1 1/8" D 


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