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Using both gas struts for lift and a channel guide system, the Sleep N' Store easily lowers into a sleeping position and effortlessly stows back up without the need for electricity.
Steel construction making it strong and secure. Easily unfolds to a bed within seconds. Locks in place when moving. 
StrikeMaster designed this auger with a durable reinforced “T” connection and a heavy-duty steel hex shaft to ensure it can survive season after season of drilling. The twin serrated stainless steel Lazer Blades cut through ice with absolute ease while th
This unique bed system allows either bunk to be used independently from the other. Need extra floor space, sleep in the top bunk and leave the bottom folded away. This setup provides maximum flexibility for your sleeping quarters. length requirement is 80
The Eskape 2400 has all of the benefits that you want in a side-door shelter, without any extra hassle or difficult setup. This true side door design means no more tripping over your equipment, or stepping in your hole when getting out of your shelter.
Rated to pull up to 1000lbs
50" Arms
The ION G2 signifies the next generation of ION ice auger technology. If you’re looking for a 40V auger that is fast, smooth, and powerful—yet still lightweight—G2 is the pinnacle.
The ION R1 is a brand-new powerhouse that utilizes the Lithium-ion 5 Ah Gen 1 battery platform, paired with a brand-new motor that adds 35% more power and significant speed upgrades over previous Gen 1 ION Augers.
For use in fixed axle campers or utility trailers that are converted into ice houses. The 18" Hole Sleeves are injection molded from the same cold-weather polymer used in Original Catch Covers. Super durable and easy to stack, the 18" sleeves are compatib
Positions and holds your rod so you can see when you get a strike! Securely holds rod for hands free fishing, Pivots & Swivels for easy positioning.
Designed to work with Fish Hole Buddy brand holes (T-Handle Brand)
Helps keep your hole free from slush and prevent drafts
The Catch Cover Rod Rack holds up to six ice fishing rods, can be mounted to any surface, and is made of poly-plastic material to stay waterproof and easy to clean.
Extra mounting bracket for Ice Products.
The Alpha™ Series marks the 3rd generation of ION® electric ice augers, re-imagined from the ground up to re-define high-performance yet again.
Securely holds all cans, bottles, and koozies. Also makes a handy minnow container! Includes QuickDisc Wall Mount and is interchangeable with Multi-Flex Rod Holders and Rattlesnake Reels.
Catch Cover Portable Multi-Flex Rod Holders adjust to any angle. The pivoting rod cradle allows you to see even the lightest bites without using a bobber. Your rod stays secure but is still easy to remove when you have a fish on the line.
ION R1 adds up to 35% more power and significant speed upgrades over previous Gen 1 ION Augers, making it one of the most powerful electric augers on the market today.
Helps keep your hole free from slush and prevent drafts
Bright colors.

• Freeze-Proof.

• Tangle-free.

• Super strong & abrasion resistant.

Fused loop and snap swivel for quick and easy line, lure and leader attachment.
Round hole cover with rim included. Universal fit in most Ice Castle Fish Houses.
Spray foam can be applied to the bottom side for added insulation.

Screws are not included.

These covers snap in securely, keeping out snow and debris while traveling
Catch Cover Hole Sleeves keep air drafts out of your fish house – keeping you warmer, your holes ice free, and saving you money by using less propane. They fit perfectly inside Catch Cover rings. Light and durable, these injection molded sleeves come with
These Eskimo chairs are ergonomically designed, providing you with a comfortable
place to sit while on the ice. The triangular design makes them perfect for jig fishing.
When you need to move quickly from hot spot to hot spot, the triangular folding
Showingof 56 item(s)