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- Right hand Drain Style
- Colonial white Bath Tub Color
- Drainage hole is molded into the tub and ready to be drilled
This is the perfect replacement shower faucet for your RV / Mobile Home. This faucet is non-metallic so it won't rust. Features a white finish with smoke handles and premium grade light weight synthetic waterways.
- Portable Toilet
- Battery Power
- Compact
- Waterless
Package of 3 refills includes disposal bag, twist ties, rubber bands, and instructions. Approximately 15 flushes per refill.
For use in motor vehicles, boats or if you are looking for added stability. Mounts to the floor so you can slide the Laveo off and on as needed.
For use in your home or cabin. 60 watts 100/220v to 12v DC.
Fully adjustable control knobs and visual digital meter – Winter/Summer Setting, MIN/MAX Gas Setting, MAX/MIN Water Flow Rate Setting, Digital Water Temperature Meter.
Sturgi-Warn Indicator Technology acts as a Fuel Gauge rather than an “empty” indicator. Indicator piston design will not allow leaks if the indicator cover is damaged or broken.
Provides a higher flow rate (450,000 BTU’s P/H) allowing more gas to get to the high pressure regulator in order to get ample gas to the regulator.
Kitchen chrome metal faucet with single lever to control hot and cold water with matching sprayer with 48" reinforced hose.
Primarily used for pressurized water System Supply (hot or cold) drain lines (sink shower icebox)
Valterra V77012 Odorlos Dry Formulation Holding Tank Treatment - 6 lbs. Tub
Valterras EZ Hose Carriers are the answer to a messy job of storing a sewer hose for traveling. The carrier comes assembled with mounting brackets for easy installation. Scratch and dent.
Valterra's EZ Hose Adjustable Hose Carriers are easily adjustable, adapting for the best mounting location and hose size.
5"x15"x25" Stainless Steel Sink

Mounting Hardware not included.

Scratch and Dent.
Showingof 95 item(s)