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Laveo™ by Dry Flush

Model Number: DF1045
- Portable Toilet
- Battery Power
- Compact
- Waterless

Article number: DF1045
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Introducing Laveo™ by Dry Flush, a revolutionary and innovative solution for portable, waterless, and odorless toilets. Designed to provide convenience and sanitation in various settings, Laveo™ offers a unique and hassle-free toilet experience.

Laveo™ by Dry Flush features an advanced and self-contained system that eliminates the need for water or plumbing connections. This makes it perfect for situations where traditional toilets are not available or practical, such as camping trips, RVs, boats, cabins, or emergency situations.

The operation of Laveo™ is simple and user-friendly. With just a push of a button, the system securely seals and encapsulates waste into a discreet and biodegradable bag. This innovative mechanism ensures that there are no odors or messes to deal with, providing a clean and hygienic environment.

The compact and lightweight design of Laveo™ makes it highly portable and easy to transport. It can be set up and used in a matter of minutes, allowing you to have a functional toilet wherever you need it. The absence of water also means that there is no risk of leakage or spills, providing peace of mind during your travels or outdoor adventures.

The waste bags used with Laveo™ are specially designed to be durable and environmentally friendly. They can hold multiple uses before needing to be replaced, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Disposing of the waste is as simple as sealing the bag and disposing of it in an appropriate waste receptacle.

Laveo™ by Dry Flush is a game-changer in the world of portable toilets. Its waterless and odorless operation, easy setup, and compact design make it a convenient and reliable option for a variety of situations. Whether you're camping in the great outdoors or need a backup toilet solution during emergencies, Laveo™ provides a comfortable and hygienic experience. Experience the future of portable toilets with Laveo™ by Dry Flush.

Comes with everything you need to “Go Anywhere” Our Laveo™ by Dry Flush Portable Toilet comes standard with a battery and power cable, which are stored in an open air compartment of the Laveo™. The package also includes a battery charger to recharge your battery when needed.

  • 12V 7AH Battery
  • Battery Cable
  • Battery Charger
  • Two Flush Refill Cartridges
  • User Manual

Our Laveo Toilet can also be powered by AC power or DC power through a dedicated 12VDC Aux port. Please see our Power Options to add these Options to your purchase.

Dimensions: 20″ deep x 18″ tall x 16″ wide

The amazing Laveo™ Portable Toilet with onboard Battery Power. Your best option for people who want to go anywhere!

Portable, Waterless, Chemical Free, Flushable, Electric Toilet comes with Toilet, Battery, Battery Charger, one refill pre-installed, one additional refill, and the owner’s manual.

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