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ION R1 adds up to 35% more power and significant speed upgrades over previous Gen 1 ION Augers, making it one of the most powerful electric augers on the market today.
- Ultra Lightweight; Easy to Carry
- ION® Reverse
-3-Year Warranty
-Blade Protector Included
- The 8-inch ION Alpha Utilizes a Specially Designed
- Turbo™ High-Speed Cutting System, Providing a Smooth
- Cuts Through up to 2000 Inches of Ice on a Single Charge
- 4aH Battery
- 3rd Generation of ION® Electric Ice Augers
- Up to 1200 Inches of Ice on a Single Charge
- 2.2 Inches of Ice Per Second
4 Amp-Hour, 40V MAX, Lithium-ion
Charge indicator lights on the back
Cross-compatible with all Gen 1 and Gen 3 auger models
Showingof 5 item(s)