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Sick of eating fast food on the road? Making a homemade meal on the road just got easier with the 17" Greystone Range Oven/Stove CF-RV17BB! Professional 2 in 1 Range Oven provides all that's needed for quality cooking.
*Scratch and Dent* The 3032AST is a 2-burner propane cooktop made of high quality materials from Europe and offers top of the line performance. It will add a stylish look to your kitchen area.
Suburban SUBURBAN Range Cover 23.6X22 Black Glass 3087A
Replacement stove top for Black Greystone 17" Oven/Range Combo
The all in one station with a sink and cooktop, both in stainless steel. The cooktop also has a glass top for more countertop space when not in use.
Add light to your cooking area Improve airflow in your kitchen to help remove smoke and cooking odors Regulate the temperature in the kitchen area
Dometic 2 burner has a slim sleek design. The glass top allows you to have more counter top space when not in use.
Suburban 3 Burner Range Top (Model# SCN-3BE), consists of a 9,000 BTU main burner, with two additional 6,500 BTU rear burners.
Has two burner sizes, one at 7200 BTU and the other 5200 BTU. Comes with cover that doubles as a grease/wind guard. Uses LP.
Suburban Cooktop 3631A (3 Burner) Slide-in SCS3BEZ
Scratch and Dent True Induction Double Burner TI-2B
Scratch and dent. Has a light and a fan with a grease filter.
Angled black range hood. Scratch and dent. Functions as intended. Smooth finish. Has a light and fan with a grease filter.
Showingof 17 item(s)