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- Scratch and dent items
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- Three burners
Add light to your cooking area Improve airflow in your kitchen to help remove smoke and cooking odors Regulate the temperature in the kitchen area
Suburban 3 Burner Range Top (Model# SCN-3BE), consists of a 9,000 BTU main burner, with two additional 6,500 BTU rear burners.
Suburban Cooktop 3631A (3 Burner) Slide-in SCS3BEZ
- Versatile and Convenient
Low Inventory!
Angled black range hood. Scratch and dent. Functions as intended. Smooth finish. Has a light and fan with a grease filter.
- 10, 000 BTU anti-clog burner output
- Adjustable heat control
- Swivel extension feet fold away completely
- Compatible with 16.4 oz Propane cylinders
Showingof 9 item(s)