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Valterra's EZ Hose Adjustable Hose Carriers are easily adjustable, adapting for the best mounting location and hose size.
When fully extended caddy has a total length of 118”
When you need clean, drinkable water, even in the cold, use this heated hose to keep water flowing to your RV. Heating element automatically turns on when temperatures fall to keep water from freezing and then turns off to prevent overheating.
Valterras EZ Hose Carriers are the answer to a messy job of storing a sewer hose for traveling. The carrier comes assembled with mounting brackets for easy installation. Scratch and dent.
Has gravity fill and pressured fill ports
Has a built in vent with a mesh screen
Black finish
Dimensions 4" x 6" Rough Opening
Edge to edge is 5 1/4"H x 7 1/2"W
Primarily used for pressurized water System Supply (hot or cold) drain lines (sink shower icebox)
SEAFLO Water Inlet is used for RV fresh water system and it is constructed with UV stabilized plastic. There are a check valve inside and different model have
different features.
For draining your waste tanks on your RV or camper. Fittings not included.
Fits shower handle Part number #205397
Showingof 24 item(s)