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This standard, RV-style, 7-pole connector provides a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle. Black plastic construction prevents rusting, enhances appearance and makes plug removal a snap.
Easy installation with a professional appearance
This portable solar charging system lets you place the solar panel where you need it for maximum sunlight. The foldable 200-watt panel provides DC power to charge your RV's batteries. Includes adapters to suit your battery connection.
SEAFLO Round Cable Hatch is for use with RV electrical cables, and it is constructed with UV stabilized PP. Its hinge is extra heavy duty. It has a 5.2”
round O.D.? flange and a 2.6” deep cavity to hold the cable end.
Interior Measurements 12 5/8”L, 7 1/8”W, 10 3/4”H
Valterra's Medium Round Cable Hatch is for use with RV electrical cables and includes installation tape and hardware. The product dimensions are 4.6" x 2.6". The required cutout dimensions are 3.5". Accepts up to a 50 Amp cable.
Battery box louver
Directs battery box fumes outside the RV for safety
Outside Diameter: 4-1/4" x 4-1/4"
Color: Black
Protects against bugs and corrosion during storage.
Includes box, lid, strap and mounting brackets with screws
Metal 5 hole 3/4". Two Gang. All Weather
Showingof 21 item(s)