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Patrick GFI Rec Plate

Patrick GFI Rec Plate

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The Patrick GFI Rec Plate is a wall plate accessory designed for use with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFI) outlets. It provides a decorative and protective cover for GFI outlets, enhancing the overall appearance of the electrical installation.

The dimensions of the Patrick GFI Rec Plate are approximately 1.75 inches in width, 4.5 inches in height, and 0.25 inches in depth. These measurements ensure a proper fit and compatibility with standard GFI outlets.

The plate is typically made of durable materials, such as plastic or metal, to withstand normal wear and tear and provide long-lasting protection for the GFI outlet. The specific material and finish may vary depending on the manufacturer and design preferences.

Installation of the Patrick GFI Rec Plate is straightforward and usually involves removing the existing wall plate and replacing it with the GFI rec plate. The plate is designed to align with the mounting holes of the GFI outlet, ensuring a secure and proper fit.

The purpose of the GFI rec plate is not only to enhance the aesthetic appearance but also to provide protection for the GFI outlet. GFI outlets are designed to detect ground faults and quickly interrupt the electrical circuit, reducing the risk of electric shock. The rec plate acts as a barrier, preventing accidental contact with the electrical components of the GFI outlet and improving safety.

In summary, the Patrick GFI Rec Plate is a wall plate accessory that adds a decorative touch and protection to GFI outlets. With its dimensions of approximately 1.75" width, 4.5" height, and 0.25" depth, it is designed to fit standard GFI outlets. The plate is made of durable materials and is installed easily, providing both aesthetic appeal and added safety to the electrical installation.

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