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Quiet operation thanks to reduced air turbulence
Low-profile, compact design: 7-3/8 in. x 16-1/2 in. x 20 in. (H x W x D)
12 V DC powered unit
30,000 BTU
Have the most unique fire pit for your backyard with a Smudge Pot. This Smudge Pot is made to heat a large outdoor area at any time of the year. With no moving parts it will last for years to come! 
Clean and cost-efficient comfort make the perfect heaters to warm your smaller rooms. The slim, compact design allows the heater to tuck out of the way on an outside wall.
With 10000 BTUs, this blue flame heater will gently warm the air, causing it to rise and create a natural circulation. Because it is a vent free gas heater, it operates at 99.9% efficiency and will continue to heat even through a power failure. The Oxygen
Heat larger areas with Empire’s DV35 Direct-Vent wall furnaces. Delivers room-filling warmth; fits against an outside wall. A push of the button ignites the pilot with a matchless piezo system.
Wall Thermostat for Millivolt Gas Valve Systems

Works with Empire Direct Vent Models:
DV210, DV215, DV25, DV35
Or any fireplace / heater with a millivolt gas valve.
This Heat Exchanger works as a forced air radiator. Great for tight areas where you want heat.
The Flame King portable heater provides 20,000 BTUs for up to 1 hour on a single propane bottle and up to 2 hours on two 1lb propane bottles.
For 4" Ducting
Adjustable vent direction 
Hidden Fasteners
Black finish  
Blue Flame heaters gently warm the air. As we know, warm air rises and this helps to create a natural circulation for your heated air. A vent free heater operates with high efficiency (99.9%), since nothing is lost up a flue.
This Heat Exchanger works as a forced air radiator. Great for tight areas where you want heat.
The cold weather stopping you from enjoying the great outdoors? Introducing the all new Portable 10,000 BTU Propane Camping Heater by Flame King! This incredible heater eliminates the need to gather firewood and having to deal with all that messy ash.
4" Ducting for your camper heating and cooling system.
The JCJ Enterprises Furnace Insect Screen prevents motor damage or burner blockage to your furnace caused by nesting insects, mice, birds, or any other small critters.
Showingof 20 item(s)