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Empire Millivolt Thermostat

- Works with Some Empire Furnaces
- Any Fireplace/Heater with a Millivolt Gas Valve
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The Empire Millivolt Thermostat is a reliable and efficient thermostat designed to work with Empire Direct Vent models, including DV210, DV215, DV25, DV35, and other fireplaces or heaters equipped with a millivolt gas valve. It provides precise temperature control and convenient operation, allowing you to maintain a comfortable environment in your living space.

This thermostat operates using a millivolt system, which means it does not require external power or batteries to function. It utilizes the low voltage generated by the millivolt gas valve to power its operation. This makes it compatible with a wide range of heating appliances, including Empire Direct Vent models and other systems with millivolt gas valves.

The Empire Millivolt Thermostat features a user-friendly design, making it easy to set and adjust the desired temperature. It offers a clear and intuitive interface, allowing you to customize the heating output according to your preferences. With its precise temperature control capabilities, you can achieve and maintain the perfect level of warmth and comfort in your living space.

Installation of the Empire Millivolt Thermostat is straightforward, and it can be easily integrated into your existing heating system. Simply connect the thermostat to the millivolt gas valve, following the provided instructions. Once installed, you can enjoy the convenience of adjusting the temperature with a simple turn of the dial or push of a button, depending on the specific model.

Whether you're using it with an Empire Direct Vent model or any other millivolt gas valve-equipped fireplace or heater, the Empire Millivolt Thermostat offers reliable and accurate temperature control. It enhances the efficiency and convenience of your heating system, allowing you to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home or any other space.

Upgrade your heating system with the Empire Millivolt Thermostat and experience the benefits of precise temperature control and effortless operation. Enjoy optimal comfort and warmth with this reliable and compatible thermostat designed for Empire Direct Vent models and other millivolt gas valve-equipped heating appliances.

Works with Empire Direct Vent Models: DV210, DV215, DV25, DV35 or any fireplace/heater with a millivolt gas valve.

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