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High Flow Dual LP Regulator

- High Capacity
- 500,000 BTU P/HR
- Reliable and Efficient Solution
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The High Flow Dual LP Regulator is a high-performance propane regulator designed for use with dual propane tank systems. It is specifically designed to provide a reliable and consistent supply of propane gas to your appliances or equipment, ensuring efficient and smooth operation.

This dual LP regulator features a sturdy and durable construction, built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. It is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and weathering, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. The regulator is designed to regulate the pressure of propane gas from the tanks and deliver it at a consistent and controlled flow rate.

One of the key features of the High Flow Dual LP Regulator is its high flow capacity. It is engineered to handle a larger volume of propane gas, making it suitable for applications that require a higher demand for gas, such as outdoor grills, heaters, and other propane-powered equipment. The high flow capability ensures that your appliances receive an ample and steady supply of propane, allowing them to operate at their optimal performance levels.

The dual LP configuration of the regulator allows for simultaneous use of two propane tanks. This provides added convenience and extended run times, as one tank can serve as a backup while the other is in use. The regulator is equipped with dual inlet ports for easy connection to the propane tanks and has separate outlets for each tank, ensuring equal distribution of gas flow.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to propane gas systems, and the High Flow Dual LP Regulator is designed with safety features to provide peace of mind. It incorporates a built-in excess flow device that automatically shuts off the gas flow in the event of a sudden increase in pressure, helping to prevent accidents or gas leaks. The regulator also includes a pressure relief valve to release excess pressure and maintain a safe operating environment.

Overall, the High Flow Dual LP Regulator is a reliable and efficient solution for regulating propane gas in dual tank systems. With its high flow capacity, durable construction, and safety features, it ensures a consistent and controlled supply of propane for your appliances or equipment, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted performance and peace of mind during your outdoor activities or camping adventures.


  • High Capacity RV Auto Changeover Regulator. 1/4″ Female Inv. Flare Inlet X 3/8″ FPT Outlet.
  • Sturgi-Warn Indicator Technology acts as a Fuel Gauge rather than an “empty” indicator. Indicator piston design will not allow leaks if the indicator cover is damaged or broken.
  • Performs outstanding in cold weather and high elevations. High Flow Second Stag Design allows High Flow at Very Low Tank Pressures



TEMPERATURE RANGE – -20ºF to 120ºF (-40ºC to 55ºC)

CERTIFICATION – UL144 Used for LP Gas only.


Use these High Flow 12" LP Pigtails with this regulator

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