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22”x16” Folding Shower Seat

- Folds
- Corrosion-Resistant

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The 22" x 16" Folding Shower Seat is a versatile and practical addition to any shower or bathroom space. It is designed to provide comfort, convenience, and accessibility while maximizing the available shower space.

Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel, this folding shower seat offers exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion. The high-quality stainless steel material ensures long-lasting performance and allows for easy maintenance, making it ideal for wet and humid environments like the bathroom.

The seat features a cushioned vinyl surface, providing a comfortable seating experience. The cushioned seat adds an extra level of comfort and support, making it suitable for individuals who may benefit from a stable and secure seating option while showering or performing personal care activities.

Installation of the folding shower seat is a breeze with its wall-mount design. It can be securely attached to the shower wall, providing a stable and reliable seating solution. The overall dimensions of the seat are (L)22-3/4" x (W)16-5/16" x (H)19-7/16", offering ample space for comfortable seating.

To ensure stability and adjustability, the folding shower seat includes legs support with adjustable feet. This feature allows you to customize the height and level the seat according to your preference and needs.

One of the key advantages of this folding shower seat is its fold-down feature. When not in use, the seat can be easily folded down, saving valuable shower space and providing a clutter-free environment. This is particularly beneficial for smaller bathrooms or showers where space optimization is essential.

With its corrosion-resistant construction and thoughtful design, the 22" x 16" Folding Shower Seat is built to withstand the rigors of daily use and maintain its functionality and appearance over time. It is a reliable and durable choice for individuals seeking a comfortable and space-saving seating solution in their shower area.


  • Fabricated From 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Cushioned Vinyl Seat
  • Wall Mount Installation
  • Overall Dimension: (L)22-3/4" X (W)16-5/16" X (H)19-7/16"
  • Includes Legs Support with Adjustable Feet
  • Fold-Down Feature Saves Shower Space
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Designed for Long-Lasting Durability
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