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Coleman-Mach 08-0059 Deluxe ADB Ceiling Assembly 9430D-715 - Non-Ducted Air Conditioners

- Designed for non-ducted air conditioners
- Sleek and modern design
Dimensions: 23" x 22" x 4"
Article number: 0719.1145
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Upgrade your RV's air conditioning system with the Coleman-Mach 08-0059 Deluxe ADB Ceiling Assembly 9430D-715. Specifically designed for non-ducted air conditioners, this ceiling assembly offers enhanced cooling and improved airflow throughout your RV.

The Coleman-Mach Deluxe ADB Ceiling Assembly features a sleek and modern design that seamlessly blends with your RV's interior. The white finish adds a clean and fresh look to your ceiling, while the compact size ensures it doesn't take up much space.

With its adjustable design, this ceiling assembly allows you to direct the airflow to your desired direction. You can easily adjust the louvers to ensure optimal cooling in different areas of your RV, providing personalized comfort to everyone on board.

Equipped with intuitive controls, this ceiling assembly allows you to conveniently adjust the temperature and fan speed to suit your preferences. The easy-to-use knobs make it simple to achieve your desired cooling settings, ensuring a comfortable environment in your RV.

Installation is quick and straightforward, thanks to the included mounting hardware and detailed instructions. Simply replace your existing ceiling assembly with the Coleman-Mach Deluxe ADB Ceiling Assembly, and enjoy the improved cooling performance in your RV.

Not only does this assembly deliver powerful cooling, but it also operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable environment inside your RV. Whether you're camping in hot summer weather or seeking relief from high temperatures, this ceiling assembly provides efficient and reliable cooling.

Dimensions: 23" x 22" x 4"

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