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13.5K 48VDC Coleman Mach 10 Rooftop Air Conditioner

Model Number: 45403-869
- 48 Volt DC
- 13.5 K
- Plenum is Not Included
Article number: 45403-869
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Introducing the 13.5K 48VDC Coleman Mach 10 Rooftop Air Conditioner 45403-869, the perfect cooling solution for your RV or camper. Designed for efficiency and performance, this rooftop air conditioner provides reliable cooling power to keep you comfortable during your adventures.

With a cooling capacity of 13,500 BTU, this air conditioner is capable of quickly and effectively cooling your living space, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment even on the hottest days. The powerful 48VDC operation allows for efficient cooling while minimizing energy consumption.

The Coleman Mach 10 is known for its quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere inside your RV. You can enjoy the cool air without the annoying noise often associated with air conditioners, allowing you to fully enjoy your time on the road.

Please note that the plenum is not included with this air conditioner. The plenum is the ducted component that directs the cooled air throughout your RV. You can easily integrate the Coleman Mach 10 with your existing ductwork or select a compatible plenum for a complete cooling system.

The rooftop installation of this air conditioner saves valuable space inside your RV, allowing for more flexibility in interior layout and storage. It is designed with durability in mind, featuring a robust construction that can withstand the rigors of travel and outdoor conditions.

The Coleman Mach 10 rooftop air conditioner is compatible with various control options, allowing you to adjust the temperature and fan speed to your preference. You can easily select the desired cooling settings using the control panel or a compatible thermostat.

Stay cool and comfortable on your RV adventures with the 13.5K 48VDC Coleman Mach 10 Rooftop Air Conditioner 45403-869. Experience reliable cooling power, energy efficiency, and quiet operation, ensuring a pleasant indoor environment wherever you go. Please ensure to acquire a suitable plenum to complete your ducted cooling system.

Model Number: 45403-869

Winnebago Number: 336263-01-02A

Current on high cool is 26.3 Amps

Current on low cool is 18.3 Amps

Normal pulling draw is 15 amps max for first 30 seconds

Unit is 11.9" in height and weighs 75 pounds

Color: Black

Powered by 48 volt DC


Inside controls(plenum) is not included.


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