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White 20Amp Power Inlet

- RV front mount 20 amp,
- designed to provide an option to upgrade or replace worn connections

Article number: 03102598W
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The White 20Amp Power Inlet is a reliable and convenient solution for connecting your electrical devices or appliances to a power source. Here's a description of this power inlet:

The power inlet features a sturdy construction with a white exterior finish, making it aesthetically pleasing and suitable for various indoor or outdoor applications. It is designed to withstand different weather conditions and provide a secure and reliable power connection.

With a 20Amp rating, this power inlet can handle a maximum load of 20 amps, allowing you to connect and power devices that require higher electrical currents. It is suitable for use in RVs, boats, cabins, workshops, or any other location where a reliable power source is needed.

The power inlet is designed for easy installation, typically mounted on the exterior wall of a building or vehicle. It provides a convenient access point for plugging in your power cord, ensuring a safe and efficient power connection.

Equipped with standard electrical terminals, the power inlet allows for easy wiring and connection to your electrical system. It is compatible with most standard 20Amp power cords and is designed to provide a secure and stable electrical connection.

Safety is a top priority with the white 20Amp Power Inlet. It is built to meet the required safety standards, providing protection against electrical hazards and ensuring the safety of both your electrical system and connected devices.

Overall, the white 20Amp Power Inlet is a reliable and convenient solution for accessing power in various applications. Its durable construction, easy installation, and compatibility with standard 20Amp power cords make it a practical choice for residential, recreational, or commercial use.

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