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Trophy Angler Tackle Box XLG

- Waterproof Seal
-  Large Snap-Tight Latch
 - Convenient One Touch Open Button

Article number: ASG-TB-XL
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Introducing the Trophy Angler Tackle Box XLG, the ultimate storage solution for your extensive collection of fishing tackle. This tackle box is extra-large and deep, providing ample space to accommodate all your lures, hooks, sinkers, and other fishing accessories.

With its innovative design, the Trophy Angler Tackle Box XLG opens up to reveal a 2-sided configuration. This allows for efficient organization and easy access to your tackle. No more digging through a cluttered box - everything is neatly arranged and readily available.

Designed to withstand the elements, this tackle box features a waterproof seal that keeps your gear dry and protected, even in wet conditions. The large snap-tight latch ensures a secure closure, giving you peace of mind during transportation and storage.

For added convenience, the tackle box is equipped with a convenient one-touch open button. This allows for quick and effortless access to your tackle, saving you valuable time on the water.

On one side of the tackle box, you'll find slit foam. This foam provides a practical and efficient solution for organizing your lures. It securely holds your lures in place, making it easy to place and remove them as needed.

The other side of the tackle box features a spring tray with multiple storage compartments. These compartments are ideal for storing smaller tackle items, such as hooks, swivels, and weights. The spring tray design ensures that your accessories stay in place, preventing them from shifting and getting mixed up.

With its extra-large and deep design, waterproof seal, snap-tight latch, one-touch open button, slit foam, and spring tray with multiple compartments, the Trophy Angler Tackle Box XLG offers the ultimate in convenience and versatility. Organize your tackle with ease and have everything you need at your fingertips for a successful fishing trip. Choose the Trophy Angler Tackle Box XLG and elevate your fishing experience.

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