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Swagman 4 Bike Rack 80600

- Carries up to 4 bikes
- Upright bars add additional support for bikes
- Upright bars add additional support for bikes

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Introducing the Swagman 4 Bike Rack 80600, a reliable and versatile solution for transporting up to 4 bikes. This bike rack is designed with a sturdy steel construction, ensuring durability and stability throughout your journeys.

With a measurement of 13-1/2" from the wall out to the center of the hanger, the Swagman 4 Bike Rack provides ample space to accommodate multiple bikes. The tire rails are designed to support various sizes of wheels and frames, offering versatility for different types of bicycles.

It's important to note that both bikes loaded on the rack should be of similar length for optimal fit and balance. The addition of upright bars adds extra support, minimizing wobbling and ensuring a secure transportation of your bikes.

The Swagman 4 Bike Rack is powder-coated to resist corrosion, providing long-lasting protection against the elements. This ensures that your bike rack remains in great condition, ready for your next adventure.

This bike rack is specifically designed for use with continuous welded steel square bumpers, measuring at least 4" and no more than 4-1/2" wide. Please note that it is not suitable for use on aluminum or spot-welded bumpers, as it is specifically tailored for welded steel bumpers.

The rack has a capacity of 120 lbs, with a weight limit of 30 lbs per bike. The distance from the bumper to the end of the rack measures 34", and the first bike sits 4-3/4" out from the bumper. These specifications ensure proper spacing and clearance for safe and secure bike transport.

Please be aware that the rack may have scratches on the paint due to normal wear and tear. However, rest assured that all the necessary parts and instructions are included, making installation and setup a breeze.

Upgrade your bike transport capabilities with the Swagman 4 Bike Rack 80600. Its robust steel construction, versatile design, and corrosion-resistant coating make it a reliable choice for carrying multiple bikes. Load up your bikes and embark on your adventures with the confidence of a secure and efficient bike rack.


  • Carries up to 4 bikes
  • Steel construction
  • Measures 13-1/2" from wall out to center of hanger
  • Tire rails support several sizes of wheels and frames
    • However, both bikes need to be of similar length
  • Upright bars add additional support for bikes
  • Powder-coated to resist corrosion
  • Built for continuous welded steel square bumpers at least 4" and no more than 4-1/2" wide
    • Not for use on aluminum or spot welded bumpers
  • Rack capacity: 120 lbs
    • 30 lbs Per bike
  • Distance from bumper to end of rack: 34"
  • First bike sits 4-3/4" out from bumper

May have scratches on the paint. Has all the parts and instructions included. 

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