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Stump 3 Weathered Wood - Limited Edition 360° Phantom Series

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- 360-degree view
- UV stabilized polyethylene
- Lifetime warranty

Article number: ST3360PH
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Introducing the Stump 3 Weathered Wood - Limited Edition 360° Phantom Series, a revolutionary solution for hunters seeking maximum concealment without sacrificing visibility. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this blind combines innovative design with rugged durability to create the ultimate hunting shelter.

The standout feature of the 'Phantom Edition' is its tinted framed window, addressing the perennial challenge of staying concealed while maintaining a clear view of the surroundings. With this unique design, you can remain hidden inside the blind while still keeping a watchful eye on the action outside, regardless of lighting conditions.

Responding to customer feedback, the Stump 3 360° now boasts eight windows, providing hunters with a true panoramic view. Whether you're an avid bowhunter or prefer a rifle, this blind's round shape ensures optimal visibility in all directions, enhancing your hunting experience.

Constructed from UV-stabilized polyethylene, this blind is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Its paintable, bark-like texture not only blends seamlessly with natural surroundings but also ensures long-lasting performance without the risk of rotting.

The tinted windows open silently and seal tightly to contain scent, while the rigid heavy-duty steel-plate base ensures easy and secure mounting.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Stump 3 Weathered Wood - Limited Edition 360° Phantom Series sets a new standard in hunting blinds, providing hunters with unmatched concealment, visibility, and durability.


  • 360-degree view 
  • Round design makes it a perfect hunting blind for bowhunters.
  • Extremely durable, UV-stabilized polyethylene construction.
  • Paintable, bark-like texture. Weather resistant. Will not rot.
  • Tinted windows open silently, seal tight, and keep scent contained.
  • Rigid heavy-duty steel-plate base for easy, secure mounting.


Material: Polyethylene

Color: Weathered Wood

Shape: Round

Dimensions: 64" Diameter

Interior Height: 80"

Weight: 325 lbs

Door Size: 26" x 54"

Window Sizes:

(1) 14" x 22"

(4) 34" x 14"

(3) 10.5" x 19.5"


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