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Solar Charge Controller

- 510 Watts
- 30 AMPS
- Lithium Compatibility
- Remote Display Compatible
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The Solar Charge Controller - 510 Watts is a reliable and efficient solution for managing and optimizing solar power in your system. Here's a description of its features:

With a maximum capacity of 510 Watts, this solar charge controller is capable of handling substantial solar power input, making it suitable for larger solar setups.

The controller has a 30 Amps output rating, allowing it to effectively regulate and control the charging process of your batteries.

Designed with lithium battery compatibility in mind, this solar charge controller provides the necessary charging algorithms and voltage settings to ensure efficient and safe charging of lithium-based battery systems.

The controller is compatible with remote display units, enabling you to conveniently monitor and control the charging status and performance of your solar system from a remote location. This adds flexibility and convenience to your system's operation.

Equipped with advanced charging algorithms and protection mechanisms, the controller intelligently manages the charging process to maximize battery life and performance. It prevents overcharging, over-discharging, and other potential battery issues, ensuring optimal operation and longevity.

The solar charge controller incorporates various protection features to safeguard your batteries and solar system. These may include overvoltage protection, reverse polarity protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature compensation, among others.

The controller is designed for easy installation, with clear labeling and connection points for solar panels, batteries, and loads. It typically comes with detailed instructions and diagrams to facilitate the installation process.

The solar charge controller utilizes efficient power conversion technology to minimize energy loss during the charging process. This ensures that the maximum available solar energy is effectively utilized to charge your batteries.

Constructed with durable materials and components, the controller is built to withstand various environmental conditions and provide long-lasting performance. It is designed to handle the demands of solar power systems and provide reliable operation over an extended period.

The Solar Charge Controller - 510 Watts is an essential component for your solar power system, offering efficient charging management, compatibility with lithium batteries, and the option for remote monitoring. Its intelligent features, protection mechanisms, and easy installation make it a reliable choice for maximizing the performance and lifespan of your solar-powered setup.

Model Number: ZS-30A


Watts:  510

Amps: 30

Lithium Compatibility: Yes

Remote Display Compatible: Yes

Battery Temperature Sensor Compatible: Yes

Mounting Options: Surface or Flush Mount

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