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Porch Light

Model :69711-bk-6-5k

Article number: 69767BK
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The Porch Light with the model number 69711-bk-6-5k is a low-voltage DC light specifically designed for porch lighting. Here are the specifications provided:

Power Supply: The light operates on a low-voltage DC power supply, specifically in the range of 10-14 volts. This voltage range is commonly used for low-voltage lighting systems, often found in outdoor applications.

Power Consumption: The maximum power consumption of the porch light is 6.3 watts (6.3W). This indicates the maximum electrical power the light will draw during operation.

Dimensions: The porch light has the following dimensions:

    • Width (W): 8 inches
    • Height (H): 1.5 inches
    • Depth (D): 1.5 inches

These dimensions give an idea of the physical size and form factor of the porch light.

Model: The model number provided is 69711-bk-6-5k. This is a specific identifier for the porch light and may be used for product identification and reference.

Color Temperature: The "6-5k" in the model number may refer to the color temperature of the light. "6-5k" commonly represents a color temperature of around 6500 Kelvin (K), which corresponds to a cool white light. This color temperature produces a bright and crisp illumination.

The Porch Light with the given specifications is designed to provide energy-efficient lighting for porches or outdoor areas. The low-voltage DC operation allows for safe and efficient usage, and the dimensions provided can help in determining if it is suitable for the desired installation location.

It's important to refer to the manufacturer's documentation or consult the product specifications for more detailed information on installation, mounting, and any additional features or requirements of the specific porch light model.

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