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Midwest Rake S550 Professional 36" Floating Lake Rake w/11' Handle

- Heavy-duty aluminum head with wrap-around bracing
- Detachable poly float and 50' poly rope also included
- 11' 2-piece rust proof powder-coated aluminum handle
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The Midwest Rake S550 Professional 36" Floating Lake Rake with an 11' Handle is the ultimate tool for skimming and removing floating aquatic vegetation and algae from water bodies. Whether you need to clear out unwanted vegetation or dress beach sand, this professional-grade landscaping rake delivers exceptional performance.

The heavy-duty aluminum head of the rake features wrap-around bracing, providing excellent strength and durability. This robust construction allows for efficient and effective removal of floating vegetation, ensuring a clean and clear water surface.

The rake comes with a detachable poly float, allowing it to float on the water's surface. This feature makes it easy to maneuver and control, enabling you to efficiently skim and remove unwanted vegetation and algae. Additionally, a 50' poly rope is included, providing extended reach and convenience during operation.

For versatility, the rake can be customized by shortening the handle and removing the float. This transforms it into a professional-grade landscaping rake, perfect for dressing beach sand and maintaining the aesthetics of your waterfront areas.

The Midwest Rake S550 Professional 36" Floating Lake Rake is designed with a 2-piece rust-proof powder-coated aluminum handle measuring 11' in length. The handle's aluminum construction ensures durability while being lightweight for comfortable handling during prolonged use. The rust-proof coating protects against corrosion, extending the rake's lifespan even in wet conditions.

Please note that the float colors may vary, adding a touch of variety to your equipment.

Choose the Midwest Rake S550 Professional 36" Floating Lake Rake with an 11' Handle for efficient and versatile aquatic vegetation and algae removal. Its heavy-duty aluminum head, detachable float, poly rope, and rust-proof handle make it a reliable and durable tool for both lake maintenance and landscaping tasks.

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