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Dutton-Lainson Brake Winch B1202B

- Built for multipurpose hauling and lifting operations
- Handle will not spin under load
- 1200lbs Rated Capacity
Article number: B1202B
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Introducing the Dutton-Lainson Brake Winch B1202B, a reliable and robust winch designed for multipurpose hauling and lifting operations. Whether you need to lift heavy loads or secure them in position, this brake winch is built to handle the task with ease.

The Dutton-Lainson Brake Winch B1202B features a sturdy construction, ensuring durability and a longer lifespan. It is designed to withstand the demands of rigorous hauling and lifting applications, providing you with a reliable and long-lasting solution.

One notable feature of this brake winch is its ability to hold the load exactly in position automatically. Once the desired load position is achieved, the winch's brake mechanism locks in place, preventing any unintentional movement. This feature adds an extra level of safety and stability to your hauling or lifting operations.

With a rated capacity of 1200 pounds and a minimum operating load requirement of 75 pounds, this winch is capable of handling a wide range of loads. Its 4:1 gear ratio ensures smooth and efficient operation, allowing you to exert less effort while achieving the desired results.

Furthermore, the Dutton-Lainson Brake Winch B1202B is designed with user convenience in mind. Its handle is engineered to prevent spinning under load, ensuring a secure grip and optimal control during operation.

Upgrade your hauling and lifting capabilities with the Dutton-Lainson Brake Winch B1202B. Whether you're using it for industrial, recreational, or agricultural purposes, this winch provides the strength, reliability, and safety features you need. Trust in Dutton-Lainson's reputation for quality and enjoy the convenience of a winch that meets your toughest hauling and lifting challenges.

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