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Drop In Stove Mount

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The Drop In Stove Mount is a versatile and convenient solution for installing a stove in your kitchen or recreational vehicle. With its compact design and precise dimensions, it offers a seamless integration and secure mounting for your stove.

The overall dimensions of the mount, including the handles and mounting rail, are 23 5/8" in width, 4 1/8" in height, and 15 7/8" in depth. These measurements provide a comprehensive view of the mount's size, allowing you to plan and allocate the necessary space for installation.

If you prefer to consider the outside dimensions without the handles or mounting rail, the mount measures 19 5/8" in width, 4 1/8" in height, and 14 11/16" in depth. These measurements provide a more compact footprint, ensuring a clean and streamlined appearance for your stove installation.

Inside the mount, there are dimensions of 16 1/2" in width and 11 7/16" in depth. These dimensions specify the available space within the mount to accommodate your stove securely.

The Drop In Stove Mount is designed to facilitate the installation process and provide a stable foundation for your stove. Its precise dimensions ensure a proper fit, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

With the Drop In Stove Mount, you can confidently install your stove and enjoy the convenience and functionality it brings to your kitchen or RV.

Overall dimensions with handles and mounting rail: 23 5/8" Width x 4 1/8" Height x 15 7/8" Depth 

Outside dimensions with out handles or mounting rail: 19 5/8" Width x 4 1/8" Height x 14 11/16" Depth 

Inside dimensions of mount: 16 1/2" Width x 11 7/16" Depth 

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