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Connector 7 Pin Round

7-Way Round pin Female zinc die cast trailer connector.

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The 7 Pin Round Connector is a trailer connector commonly used for towing applications. It is designed to provide a reliable electrical connection between a towing vehicle and a trailer, allowing for the transmission of various signals and power between the two.

Here are some key details about the 7 Pin Round Connector:

The connector is specifically designed with a 7-pin configuration, featuring seven electrical terminals or pins arranged in a circular pattern. It is commonly referred to as a 7-way round pin connector.

 The 7 Pin Round Connector is a female connector, which means it is designed to receive the corresponding male connector from the towing vehicle. The female connector typically features receptacles or sockets to accommodate the pins of the male connector.

The connector is constructed using zinc die-casting, which provides durability, corrosion resistance, and strength. The zinc die cast construction ensures the connector can withstand the rigors of outdoor use and exposure to different weather conditions.

The 7 Pin Round Connector allows for the transmission of various electrical signals and power between the towing vehicle and the trailer. It provides connections for functions such as brake lights, turn signals, taillights, reverse lights, electric trailer brakes, and auxiliary power.

The connector is designed to provide a secure and reliable electrical connection. The pins and sockets are typically spring-loaded to ensure good contact and minimize the risk of loose connections or signal interruptions during towing.

The 7 Pin Round Connector is a widely used standard connector in the towing industry. It is compatible with trailers, caravans, campers, and other towed equipment that are designed to use a 7-pin connector system. However, it's important to verify the specific pin configuration and wiring diagram to ensure compatibility with the towing vehicle and trailer.

When installing the 7 Pin Round Connector, it's crucial to follow proper wiring practices and adhere to the color-coding standards for the different electrical functions. It's recommended to consult the manufacturer's instructions or wiring diagrams for accurate installation guidelines specific to the connector model and the towing vehicle.

Overall, the 7 Pin Round Connector is a reliable and durable trailer connector used for establishing electrical connections between a towing vehicle and a trailer. Its zinc die-cast construction, 7-pin configuration, and compatibility with various towing functions make it a popular choice for towing applications.

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