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Sick of eating fast food on the road? Making a homemade meal on the road just got easier with the 17" Greystone Range Oven/Stove CF-RV17BB! Professional 2 in 1 Range Oven provides all that's needed for quality cooking.
Replacement stove top for Black Greystone 17" Oven/Range Combo
Trim kit gives you a clean and finished look when installed into a cabinet.

Trim kit mounting holes: 22-1/4" wide x 12-1/4" tall.
Add light to your cooking area Improve airflow in your kitchen to help remove smoke and cooking odors Regulate the temperature in the kitchen area
Install this microwave in a cabinet to save space in your RV kitchen. 6 Auto-cook settings and 10 power levels cook food quickly and efficiently. Included rubber feet provide a freestanding option.
Showingof 5 item(s)