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8" Circular Access Hatch - SFRH1-008-01

- White Color
- Made of Polypropylene Plastic
- Self-aligning center

Article number: SFRH1-008-01
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Introducing the Seaflo 8" Circular Access Hatch - SFRH1-008-01, a reliable and convenient solution for accessing valves, tanks, and compartments on your boat or RV. This access hatch features a durable polypropylene plastic construction in a clean white color, providing resistance to the sun, water, and salt.

With its 8" circular design, the Seaflo Access Hatch offers a compact and versatile solution for accessing various components on your vessel. The external diameter of the hatch is 9.8" (250mm), while the opening diameter is 7.0" (180mm). The cut-out diameter required for installation is 7.3" (186mm). These dimensions ensure a proper fit and seamless integration into your boat or RV.

The Seaflo Access Hatch is designed with screw-out functionality, allowing for tool-free access. This feature enables easy opening and closing of the hatch, providing quick and convenient access to valves, tanks, or compartments. The self-aligning center of the hatch ensures that cross-threading and mis-aligning are virtually impossible, making operation hassle-free.

The non-skid surface of the access hatch allows for horizontal as well as vertical mounting, providing flexibility in installation options. This ensures that the hatch remains secure and in place, even in demanding marine or RV environments.

Upgrade your boat or RV with the Seaflo 8" Circular Access Hatch - SFRH1-008-01. Enjoy the benefits of easy and tool-free access to valves, tanks, and compartments while benefiting from the durable and resistant polypropylene plastic construction. Trust in Seaflo's commitment to quality and performance, and experience enhanced functionality and longevity on your marine or RV adventures.

External Diameter: 9.8″ (250mm)
Opening Diameter: 7.0″ (180mm
Cut Out Diameter: 7.3″ (186mm)


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