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6"x 30" Cedar Cabinet Door

- Cedar
- Unfinished Wood
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Enhance the beauty of your cabinets with the 6" x 30" Cedar Cabinet Door. Crafted from premium cedar wood, this cabinet door showcases the natural elegance of the wood grain, adding warmth and character to your living space. The door's compact size makes it versatile, fitting seamlessly into various cabinet styles and sizes.

The sturdy construction ensures durability, allowing the door to withstand daily use and maintain its integrity over time. The smooth surface of the cedar is finished to perfection, highlighting the rich tones and unique patterns of the wood. Each door is carefully sanded and treated to ensure a flawless, splinter-free surface.

With its precise dimensions, this Cedar Cabinet Door is designed to be easily installed on new or existing cabinets. The door comes with pre-drilled holes for hinges and screws, simplifying the installation process. Whether you're renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or any other cabinetry space, this cedar door will elevate the overall aesthetic and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Not only does this Cedar Cabinet Door offer exceptional beauty and durability, but it also provides the natural aromatic qualities of cedar wood. The subtle fragrance adds a refreshing touch to your living space, creating an inviting environment.

Choose the 6" x 30" Cedar Cabinet Door to infuse your cabinets with timeless charm, exceptional quality, and the undeniable appeal of natural wood. Experience the beauty and functionality that this cedar door brings to your home décor.

Dimensions: 6" Width x 30" Height


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