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5x7 Aluma Lite Spear Skid House Matte Green

- Pleasureland RV in West Salem Wisconsin
- Spear door is 22" x 44"
- 4 catch cover holes 

Article number: AL082157481-22
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The 5x7 Aluma Lite Spear Skid House in Matte Green is a top-quality ice fishing shelter designed to elevate your ice fishing experience. Packed with standard features, this skid house offers versatility, durability, and convenience for anglers of all levels.

Crafted with durability in mind, this skid house is constructed using high-quality materials to withstand the demanding conditions of ice fishing. It features closed-cell insulation all around, providing excellent thermal efficiency to keep you warm and comfortable during your fishing outings.

Equipped with 1/4" Hyfax runners, the skid house ensures smooth and easy mobility across the ice. The 24 x 36 Argon-filled windows offer clear visibility while helping to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Additionally, hole covers are included to seal off unused fishing holes, preventing drafts and enhancing insulation.

For enhanced convenience and functionality, the skid house is fitted with a spear door, measuring 22" x 44". This door provides easy access to the interior, allowing you to enter and exit the shelter with ease. Moreover, four angling holes are pre-installed, offering versatility in setting up your fishing gear.

Inside the skid house, you'll find rubber flooring that provides traction and insulation. This flooring ensures a comfortable and secure environment for you to enjoy your ice fishing experience.

The 5x7 Aluma Lite Spear Skid House Matte Green is designed to meet the needs of ice fishing enthusiasts. With its durable construction, comprehensive insulation, spear door, angling holes, and additional features, this skid house offers a reliable and comfortable space to enjoy your ice fishing adventures. Visit Pleasureland RV in West Salem, Wisconsin to view this skid house and experience the quality and convenience it provides firsthand.

This skid house can be viewed at Pleasureland RV in West Salem Wisconsin. 

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