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3 Way LP 3/8 Flare Fitting

- Connects Multiple Propane Devices
- 3/8" Flare Connection

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Introducing the 3-Way Male LP 3/8" Flare Fitting, a versatile and reliable component for your propane system. This fitting is specifically designed to provide a secure connection between three propane hoses or lines, allowing for efficient distribution of propane gas.

The 3-way design of this fitting enables you to connect multiple propane devices or appliances to a single propane source. It is commonly used in applications such as RVs, campers, grills, and other propane-powered equipment where multiple connections are required.

The fitting features a 3/8" flare connection, which is a standard size for propane fittings. It ensures a tight and leak-free connection when paired with compatible hoses or lines. The flare connection provides a secure attachment that can withstand the high-pressure conditions of a propane system.

Constructed from durable materials, the 3-Way Male LP 3/8" Flare Fitting is built to withstand the rigors of propane use. It is designed to resist corrosion, impact, and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Installation of the fitting is straightforward and requires basic tools. Simply attach the fitting to the desired propane hoses or lines using appropriate flare connections. Ensure a tight connection by using the appropriate wrench or tool to secure the fitting in place. It is recommended to check for any leaks using a soapy water solution to ensure a proper seal.

With the 3-Way Male LP 3/8" Flare Fitting, you can efficiently connect and distribute propane gas to multiple devices or appliances. It offers a convenient and reliable solution for managing propane connections, allowing you to customize your propane system according to your specific needs.

Choose the 3-Way Male LP 3/8" Flare Fitting for its versatility, durability, and ease of installation. Whether you're setting up a propane system for your RV, camper, or outdoor cooking area, this fitting provides a reliable connection solution for your propane distribution needs.

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