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168" LED Rope Light Cool White

Hook up to a 12v power source and a switch. (not included)

Article number: 3528CWDT60R
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The 168" Rope Light in Cool White is a versatile lighting solution that can be easily hooked up to a 12V power source and a switch (not included) for convenient control. Here are some details about this rope light:

The rope light measures 168 inches (14 feet) in length, providing a decent span for your lighting needs.

The rope light emits a cool white light, which creates a crisp and modern illumination. Cool white light is often associated with a clear and bright appearance, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

The rope light requires a 12V power source to operate. This voltage is commonly found in automotive, marine, or low-voltage lighting systems. Ensure that the power source you connect it to provides the appropriate voltage to avoid any damage to the rope light.

You can connect a switch (not included) to control the power supply to the rope light. By using a switch, you can easily turn the light on or off as desired, providing convenient control over the lighting effect.

The rope light is designed for easy installation. It typically comes with mounting clips or brackets that allow you to secure it in place along the desired surface. Additionally, it may feature a flexible and durable outer casing, such as PVC, to protect the internal LED lights and wiring.

The 168" Rope Light in Cool White can be used for various lighting purposes, both indoors and outdoors. It is commonly used for accent lighting, decorations, or adding a touch of illumination to specific areas. Due to its flexible nature, you can shape and position the rope light according to your preference.

When setting up the rope light, it's important to ensure proper connections and wiring to maintain safety. If you're not familiar with electrical installations, it is recommended to consult a professional or follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure a correct and secure setup.

Remember that the power source and switch are not included with the rope light, so you will need to source them separately to complete the setup.

The 168" Rope Light in Cool White, with its easy installation and compatibility with a 12V power source and switch, offers a convenient and customizable lighting solution for various applications.

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