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15 Amp M to 30 Amp F - 10/3 Pro Grip RV Adapter - Dogbone

- Male 15 Amp plug
- Female 30 Amp
- Secure and reliable connection
Article number: D19091530
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The 15 Amp M to 30 Amp F 10/3 Pro Grip RV Adapter, also known as a "dogbone" adapter, is a convenient and essential accessory for RV owners. It allows you to connect your RV's 30 Amp power cord to a 15 Amp power source, enabling you to access electrical power when only a lower amperage outlet is available.

The adapter features a male 15 Amp plug on one end and a female 30 Amp receptacle on the other. The male plug easily connects to a standard 15 Amp power outlet, while the female receptacle accepts the 30 Amp plug from your RV's power cord. The adapter is designed to handle a maximum current of 15 Amps, so it is important to ensure that your power consumption remains within this limit to prevent overloading.

The Pro Grip feature of the adapter provides a secure and reliable connection. It includes a molded grip handle that makes it easier to plug and unplug the adapter, even in wet or challenging conditions. The durable construction and high-quality materials of the adapter ensure longevity and reliable performance.

With the 10/3 configuration, the adapter is capable of accommodating three conductors, providing sufficient power for your RV's electrical needs. This configuration is commonly used in RVs and provides a balanced power supply.

Having a 15 Amp M to 30 Amp F adapter on hand gives you the flexibility to connect your RV to various power sources, expanding your options for accessing electricity. It is especially useful when camping or traveling to locations where only 15 Amp power outlets are available, ensuring that you can still enjoy the comforts of your RV without compromising on power.

Overall, the 15 Amp M to 30 Amp F 10/3 Pro Grip RV Adapter is a practical and reliable solution for connecting your RV to a 15 Amp power source. Its durable construction, secure connection, and ease of use make it a valuable accessory for any RV owner.

Model: D19091530


  • This generator adapter is a must for everyone who has a RV, travel trailer, mobile home or generator
  • Heavy-duty outdoor rated power cord
  • 15A-125V Male to 30A-125V Female
  • Pro Grip handle helps disengage cord ends from outlets or from other cord ends
  • Pro Grip handle folds away when not in use
  • Cord remains flexible in temperatures well below freezing
  • Clear lighted ends
  • 1.5 ft long cord
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