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1/2" Zinc Nylon Lock Nut 50pk LNI-7400-PZ

- 1/2 Coarse thread
- Zinc Nylon
- 50 Pack

Article number: LNI-7400-PZ
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The 1/2" Zinc Nylon Lock Nut 50pk LNI-7400-PZ is a reliable and versatile fastening solution designed for various applications. This pack includes 50 lock nuts, providing an ample quantity for your projects.

Featuring a 1/2" coarse thread, these lock nuts are compatible with corresponding bolts or screws. The coarse thread ensures secure fastening and allows for quick and efficient installation.

Constructed from zinc, these lock nuts offer excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The zinc coating acts as a protective layer, guarding against rust and ensuring long-lasting durability.

Equipped with a nylon insert, these lock nuts provide an added layer of security. The nylon insert creates a friction grip when tightened, effectively preventing loosening due to vibrations or external forces. This feature ensures a tight and secure fastening connection, providing peace of mind.

Whether you're working on a construction project, automotive repair, or general DIY tasks, the 1/2" Zinc Nylon Lock Nut 50pk LNI-7400-PZ is a reliable choice. With its coarse thread, zinc construction, and nylon insert, these lock nuts offer a dependable and secure fastening solution that meets your needs.

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