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Tilt 4.2 Rotary Steering System SS15716

- Included Quick Connect (QC) steering cable makes installation easy
- "Drop-in" design eases installation
- Meets A.B.Y.C. standards

Article number: SS15716
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The Tilt 4.2 Rotary Steering System SS15716 is a complete steering system designed to make steering effortless and enjoyable. This system includes the No Feedback 4.2 Rotary Tilt Helm and Quick Connect (QC) steering cables, offering a convenient and efficient solution for retrofitting worn-out steering systems.

With a choice of seven different cable lengths, this system can be tailored to fit various boat sizes and configurations. The No Feedback 4.2 Rotary Tilt Helm locks out steering torque, providing easy and responsive steering control. This feature ensures a smooth and comfortable steering experience, making it feel like steering ought to be.

The Tilt 4.2 Rotary Steering System is suitable for most single-station boats with a single non-power-assisted outboard or stern drive engines up to V-6, as long as there is minimal engine flutter or steering instability. The 4.2 Tilt Helm can accommodate wheels up to 16" in diameter, providing versatility for different boating applications.

Featuring 48° of total adjustment in five 12° positions, the Tilt Helm allows for personalized steering comfort. The helm also offers a comfortable 4.2 turns from lock-to-lock, minimizing the effort required for maneuvering. With minimal clutch free play and a standard 3/4" round tapered steering wheel shaft, this system ensures precise and reliable steering control.

The stainless steel cable output ends ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The included Quick Connect (QC) steering cable simplifies installation, making the process hassle-free. The "drop-in" design of the helm further eases installation, allowing for seamless integration into existing steering systems with minimal dash modifications.

The Tilt 4.2 Rotary Steering System meets A.B.Y.C. standards, guaranteeing its compliance with industry regulations and safety requirements.

Please note that this particular system is slightly used and comes in its original box. However, it may have increased resistance when turning the wheel, possibly due to wear or other factors.

Slightly used, Comes in Original box. Turns Hard.


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