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T-Latch Spear Handle With Lock

Model Number: L4080
- Low Profile Applications
- Fishing Spear Doors
- Keys Included

Article number: L4080
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Introducing the T-Latch Spear Handle with Lock, model number L4080. This handle is designed specifically for low profile applications and is ideal for fishing spear doors or similar types of doors where a secure locking mechanism is required.

Crafted with durability and security in mind, the T-Latch Spear Handle features a robust construction that ensures long-lasting performance. The handle is made from high-quality materials to withstand regular use and resist wear and tear.

The low profile design of this handle makes it suitable for applications where space is limited or aesthetics are important. It offers a sleek and streamlined appearance without compromising on functionality.

The T-Latch Spear Handle is equipped with a built-in lock mechanism, providing an added layer of security for your door. The lock mechanism ensures that the handle remains securely latched, preventing unauthorized access.

Included with the handle are keys that allow you to lock and unlock the mechanism as needed. The keys are designed to fit seamlessly with the lock, providing easy and convenient operation.

Whether you're securing fishing spear doors on your boat, utility trailers, or other low profile applications, the T-Latch Spear Handle with Lock, model number L4080, offers reliable performance and peace of mind.

Choose this handle for its durability, low profile design, and included lock mechanism. Trust in its ability to keep your doors securely closed and protected.

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