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Sleep & Store Lift System - BDAS-2510

- Easily Lowers into a Sleeping Position and Effortlessly Stows Back up Without the Need for Electricity
- Uses both Gas Struts for Lift
- Channel Guide System

Article number: BDAS-2510
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The Sleep & Store Lift System - BDAS-2510 is a revolutionary solution designed to raise and lower a bed typically found in the rear or garage area of a toy hauler. With its innovative features and thoughtful design, this system provides convenience and functionality for maximizing space in your recreational vehicle.

Featuring the Sleep & Store Lift System™, which is protected by U.S. Patent No. 10683961, this system utilizes gas struts and a channel guide system to effortlessly raise and lower the bed. Say goodbye to manual effort or the need for electricity - this system allows for easy transformation from a sleeping position to a stowed position and vice versa.

With the help of gas struts, the bed smoothly transitions between positions, providing a comfortable sleeping surface when lowered and a space-saving stowed position when raised. The channel guide system ensures stability and controlled movement throughout the process, guaranteeing a secure and reliable setup.

The Sleep & Store Lift System is designed to stow above standard hoop heights, allowing for maximum use of the available space in your toy hauler. It can also be customized to accommodate different frame and mattress weights, ensuring compatibility with a variety of setups.

Please note that the bunk platform and bunk cushion are not included with the Sleep & Store Lift System - BDAS-2510. However, the system is designed to work seamlessly with these components, offering a complete solution for optimizing your sleeping arrangements in your recreational vehicle.

Upgrade your toy hauler with the Sleep & Store Lift System - BDAS-2510 and experience the convenience of effortlessly raising and lowering your bed. With its innovative design, gas strut lift mechanism, and customization options, this system is an ideal choice for RV owners seeking to maximize space and enhance comfort during their travels.

Bunk platform and bunk cushion not included

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