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Single LED Strip

12v LED strips are 2" long and provide a soft white light that is perfect for adding light to a small area such as mounting under steps, under cabinets or wherever you need a little extra light. 
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The Single LED Strip is a compact lighting solution measuring 2" in length, designed to provide a soft white light. It is an ideal choice for illuminating small areas where additional light is required, such as mounting it under steps, cabinets, or any space that needs a subtle, supplementary light source.

Key features and characteristics of the Single LED Strip include:

Compact Size: The strip is compact and measures 2" in length, making it suitable for installations in tight spaces where a larger lighting fixture might not fit. Its small size allows for versatile placement options, ensuring easy integration into various applications.

Soft White Light: The LED strip emits a soft white light, providing a gentle and pleasant illumination. Soft white light falls within the warm white color temperature range, typically around 2700K to 3000K, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Versatile Application: The strip is versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. Its small form factor makes it suitable for mounting under steps to enhance visibility, under cabinets to provide task lighting, or in any other area where a touch of additional light is desired.

Energy-Efficient: LED technology ensures energy efficiency, making the Single LED Strip an environmentally friendly lighting option. LEDs consume less power compared to traditional lighting sources, resulting in energy savings and a longer lifespan.

Easy Installation: The LED strip is designed for easy installation, typically featuring an adhesive backing that allows for simple attachment to various surfaces. This adhesive backing ensures a secure and stable placement, preventing the strip from moving or falling off.

Low Heat Emission: LEDs generate minimal heat, ensuring safety and reducing the risk of heat-related issues. The low heat emission of the Single LED Strip makes it suitable for use in confined spaces or areas where heat-sensitive materials are present.

In summary, the Single LED Strip is a compact lighting solution measuring 2" in length, designed to provide a soft white light. It is suitable for adding illumination to small areas, such as mounting under steps, cabinets, or other spaces where a subtle and supplementary light source is needed. With its compact size, easy installation, energy efficiency, and low heat emission, the Single LED Strip offers a versatile and efficient lighting solution for various applications.

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