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Siemen Q130 30AMP Breaker

Siemen Q130 30AMP Breaker
Type QT

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The Siemens Q130 30AMP Breaker Type QT is a circuit breaker designed for residential or commercial electrical systems. It is a single-pole breaker with a current rating of 30 amps.

The Type QT breaker is part of Siemens' extensive line of circuit breakers known for their reliability and performance. It is compatible with Siemens load centers and panelboards, providing protection against overcurrents and short circuits.

The Q130 breaker is designed to trip and interrupt the flow of electricity when the current exceeds 30 amps, helping to prevent potential electrical hazards and damage to the wiring or connected devices. It is commonly used for circuits that power heavy-duty appliances or equipment that require a 30-amp power supply.

The breaker features a compact design and is easy to install in Siemens load centers or panelboards. It provides reliable protection for the circuit and can be reset manually after a trip occurs.

When choosing a circuit breaker, it's essential to ensure compatibility with your specific electrical system and load requirements. It's recommended to consult a qualified electrician or refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for proper selection and installation.

The Siemens Q130 30AMP Breaker Type QT is a trusted and dependable circuit breaker that offers protection and peace of mind for your electrical system. It helps maintain the safety and reliability of your electrical circuits by ensuring that current remains within safe operating limits.

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