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Siemen 15AMP Twin Breaker Q1515

Simen duel 15AMP Circuit breaker 
Type QT
Article number: Q1515
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The Siemen 15AMP Twin Breaker Q1515 is a reliable and efficient circuit breaker designed for residential or commercial electrical systems. Here's a description of this twin breaker:

The Q1515 twin breaker is a space-saving solution that combines two 15-amp circuit breakers into a single unit. It is designed to fit into a single slot in your electrical panel, allowing you to effectively manage two separate electrical circuits with a single breaker.

This twin breaker is compatible with standard 15-amp electrical wiring and can handle a maximum load of 15 amps per circuit. It provides protection against overloads and short circuits, helping to prevent electrical damage and ensuring the safety of your electrical system.

The compact design of the Q1515 twin breaker allows for efficient use of space in your electrical panel. It is compatible with most Siemen electrical panels, offering easy installation and replacement.

With its high-quality construction and reliable performance, the Siemen 15AMP Twin Breaker Q1515 is built to last. It meets the industry standards for safety and reliability, providing peace of mind for homeowners and professionals alike.

Whether you're upgrading your electrical system or need to replace an existing breaker, the Siemen 15AMP Twin Breaker Q1515 is a trusted choice. Its dual circuit functionality and compact design make it an excellent option for managing multiple electrical circuits efficiently and effectively.

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