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SEAFLO 13.9"x23.8" Rectangular Access Hatch

Model: SFRE1-353-606-01
- 180° opening hatches 
- Anti-aging, Anti-ultraviolet

Article number: SFRE1-353-606-01
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The SEAFLO 13.9"X23.8" Rectangular Access Hatch SFRE1-353-606-01 is a reliable and convenient solution for accessing storage compartments or enclosed spaces on your boat, RV, or other recreational vehicles. With its durable construction and practical design, this access hatch offers ease of use and protection for your belongings.

Designed with high-quality materials, the access hatch is made from ABC Anti-aging, Anti-ultraviolet material. This ensures its longevity and resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight and outdoor elements, making it suitable for extended outdoor use.

The external dimensions of the hatch are 23.85" x 13.9" (606mm x 353mm), providing ample space for accessing and storing items within. The opening dimensions are 20.6" x 10.95" (524mm x 278mm), offering a generous opening for easy retrieval of stored items.

The hatch features an easy "click-in" construction, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation. Simply align the hatch with the desired opening, and it securely clicks into place. This ensures a tight and secure fit, preventing any unwanted movement or water intrusion.

The SEAFLO Rectangular Access Hatch is equipped with corrosion-free synthetic fittings and durable rubber seals. These components further enhance the hatch's durability and reliability, protecting against water infiltration and ensuring a watertight seal.

One of the key features of this access hatch is its 180° opening capability. This means that the hatch can be fully opened to provide easy and unrestricted access to the storage compartment or enclosed space. Whether you need to load or unload items or perform maintenance tasks, the wide opening angle allows for convenient and efficient access.

With its sleek white color, the access hatch blends seamlessly with various boat or RV exteriors. The clean and neutral appearance adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle while complementing its overall aesthetic.

Upgrade your boat or RV with the SEAFLO 13.9"X23.8" Rectangular Access Hatch SFRE1-353-606-01. Enjoy its reliable performance, easy installation, and durable construction. With its anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet properties, corrosion-free fittings, and 180° opening capability, this access hatch offers convenience, protection, and peace of mind for your storage needs.

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