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Rigid 3500LB Hitch 1 1/4” Shank

- 3500LB Max gross weight
- 300LB Max tongue weight
- 1 1/4" shank

Article number: R20306S
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Introducing the Rigid 3500LB Hitch with a 1 1/4" Shank, a robust and reliable towing accessory designed to handle a maximum gross weight of 3500 pounds and a maximum tongue weight of 300 pounds. This hitch is engineered to provide secure and safe towing for a variety of applications.

The Rigid 3500LB Hitch is built with durability and strength in mind. With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, it can withstand the demands of towing heavy loads. This hitch is designed to deliver reliable performance and long-lasting service, providing you with peace of mind during your towing adventures.

Featuring a 1 1/4" shank, this hitch is compatible with vehicles and trailers that require a 1 1/4" receiver. It offers a secure connection point, allowing for safe towing of trailers, campers, and other towing equipment within the specified weight limits.

With a maximum gross weight capacity of 3500 pounds, this hitch can handle a range of towing needs. Whether you're towing a small utility trailer or a lightweight camper, this hitch provides the necessary strength and stability to ensure a smooth and secure towing experience.

The Rigid 3500LB Hitch also has a maximum tongue weight capacity of 300 pounds. The tongue weight is the downward force exerted by the trailer onto the hitch ball and should be within the specified limits to maintain stability and control while towing.

Upgrade your towing setup with the Rigid 3500LB Hitch. With its durable construction, compatibility with a 1 1/4" receiver, and impressive weight capacity, this hitch offers a reliable and secure towing solution. Trust in its quality and enjoy a confident towing experience knowing that you have a hitch that can handle the demands of your towing needs.

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