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Replacement 7-Way Female Plug - PK12-707E

- Standard, 7-pole, RV blade-style socket connects tow vehicle to trailer
- Black plastic construction
- Spring-loaded lid

Article number: PK12-707E
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Introducing the Replacement 7-Way Female Plug - PK12-707E, a reliable and high-quality socket designed to establish a secure connection between your towing vehicle and trailer. This 7-pole, RV blade-style socket ensures a reliable and hassle-free towing experience.

Constructed from black plastic, this socket offers durability and longevity. Its black plastic construction eliminates the risk of rusting, enhancing both the appearance and functionality of your towing setup. The socket's sleek design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also prevents difficulty in plug removal, ensuring a smooth and effortless connection process.

The interior design of the Replacement 7-Way Female Plug - PK12-707E is non-corroding and shock-resistant. This innovative design eliminates the risk of shorting out, providing a safe and reliable electrical connection. The socket is color-coded to RVI (Recreational Vehicle Industry) standards, ensuring compatibility and easy identification of the correct wiring connections.

Terminal reinforcer dams within the socket prevent contact spreading and ensure a secure and reliable electrical connection. The center pins of the socket can accept up to 8-gauge wire, accommodating various wiring configurations. Vinyl inserts are included to keep out dirt and moisture, maintaining the integrity of the electrical connection.

The socket features a spring-loaded lid with a stainless steel spring and rubber gasket. This design prevents leaks when the lid is closed and ensures a secure and watertight connection. The drain slot is angled for effective drainage, further enhancing the durability and reliability of the socket.

For added safety and security, the Replacement 7-Way Female Plug - PK12-707E includes a safety latch. This latch ensures that the trailer-end connector remains securely plugged into the socket during towing, minimizing the risk of accidental disconnection.

Upgrade your towing setup with the Replacement 7-Way Female Plug - PK12-707E. Its reliable and durable construction, non-corroding and shock-resistant interior design, and compliance with RVI standards make it an ideal choice for establishing a secure and efficient electrical connection between your towing vehicle and trailer. Enjoy worry-free towing experiences with this high-quality socket.

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