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Pollak 6-way Connector Socket - 11-609EP

- Rugged Cycolac interiors
- Concealed terminal socket design, stainless steel spring.
- dust and water resistant.

Article number: 11-609EP
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Introducing the Pollak 6-Way Connector Socket - 11-609EP, a heavy-duty and reliable connector socket designed to meet your electrical connection needs. This 6-way connector socket boasts a durable construction, innovative features, and proven durability that ensures a secure and efficient electrical connection.

Constructed with a heavy-duty die-cast housing, the Pollak 6-Way Connector Socket - 11-609EP is built to withstand demanding conditions. Its rugged Cycolac interiors provide additional durability, protecting the internal components from impacts and ensuring long-lasting performance. This connector socket is designed to handle the electrical demands of various applications, including towing, hauling, and other industrial uses.

One of the standout features of this connector socket is its unique cable clamp design. The cable clamp provides enhanced support for the wires, minimizing strain and helping to save installation time. This innovative feature ensures a secure connection and reduces the risk of damage or disconnection due to wire movement or vibrations.

The Pollak 6-Way Connector Socket - 11-609EP features a concealed terminal socket design, which provides added protection against dust, water, and other contaminants. This design contributes to the unit's overall durability and reliability. Additionally, the stainless steel spring ensures a reliable electrical contact, maintaining a strong connection between the socket and the plug.

With its dust and water-resistant properties, this connector socket is well-suited for various environments. It can withstand exposure to moisture, dirt, and other elements, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions. This reliability has been proven through its durability and its ability to interchange with Berg and Cole-Hersee connectors, offering versatility and compatibility.

Upgrade your electrical connections with the Pollak 6-Way Connector Socket - 11-609EP and enjoy its heavy-duty construction, innovative cable clamp design, and proven durability. This connector socket is designed to provide a reliable and efficient electrical connection for your towing, hauling, or industrial needs. Trust in its quality and performance to keep your electrical systems operating smoothly and securely.

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