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Onan P4500i Generator

- 4-Stroke Engine
- Push Button and Remote Start
- Two 5V USB Ports for Charging
- 3-Year Warranty
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Introducing the Onan P4500i Generator—a powerful and reliable portable generator that provides a convenient and efficient power solution for various applications. Whether you're camping, tailgating, working on a job site, or facing a power outage, the Onan P4500i is designed to deliver the power you need, when you need it.

With a maximum power output of 4500 watts and a continuous power rating of 3700 watts, this generator is capable of running a wide range of appliances, tools, and electronic devices. It features a fuel-efficient and quiet 224cc OHV engine, ensuring reliable performance while minimizing noise levels and maximizing fuel economy.

The Onan P4500i generator is equipped with advanced inverter technology, which provides clean and stable power output suitable for sensitive electronics. This means you can confidently power your laptops, smartphones, TVs, and other delicate devices without worrying about voltage fluctuations or damage.

One of the standout features of the P4500i is its user-friendly control panel. It features easy-to-read gauges and intuitive controls, allowing for quick and convenient operation. The panel includes various outlets, including household AC outlets, a 30-amp RV outlet, and a 12V DC outlet, providing flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of devices and equipment.

Portability is key with the Onan P4500i. It comes with a built-in telescoping handle and rugged wheels, making it easy to transport and maneuver on different terrains. The compact and lightweight design further enhances its portability, allowing you to take it wherever power is needed.

To enhance user convenience and peace of mind, the generator is equipped with several safety features. These may include low-oil shutdown, overload protection, and spark arrestor, ensuring safe and reliable operation in various conditions.

Maintenance is made easy with the Onan P4500i. It features a convenient access panel that allows for quick and hassle-free servicing and maintenance tasks, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the generator.

Choose the Onan P4500i Generator for your portable power needs and experience the reliability, convenience, and versatility it offers. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or facing unexpected power outages, this generator is designed to provide a dependable source of power to keep you connected and powered up.

Features: Dependable 7.3 HP 224cc OHV 4-Stroke engine, Push button and remote start (Pull cord backup), Parallel capable with another P4500 inverter generator, RV and camper ready with 30A TT-30R outlet, Two 5V USB ports for charging sensitive electronics such as phones or tablets, Telescoping handle and wheels for easy transportation, 3-Year Warranty

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