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Murdoch Webbing 1 3/4" Strapping

- Glacier Fish House
-Winch Straps
- 3 Straps

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Introducing the Murdoch Webbing 1 3/4" Strapping, a set of winch straps specifically designed for use with Glacier Ice Fish Houses. These high-quality straps are engineered to provide reliable and secure fastening for your fish house during transportation.

The Murdoch Webbing Straps are constructed with durability and strength in mind. Each strap is 1 3/4" wide, ensuring a wide surface area for optimal load distribution and stability.

The set includes two long straps, each measuring 11' long, and one short strap measuring 7' long. This combination provides you with versatile options for securing your fish house, allowing you to choose the appropriate strap length based on your specific needs and preferences.

These winch straps are designed to be compatible with standard winches commonly found on fish houses. They feature a reliable and easy-to-use mechanism that allows for secure tightening and loosening, ensuring a tight and safe hold during transport.

With the Murdoch Webbing 1 3/4" Strapping, you can trust that your Glacier Ice Fish House will be securely fastened and protected during transit. The durable construction and appropriate sizing of these straps provide the strength and reliability needed to keep your fish house in place, giving you peace of mind during your fishing adventures.

Upgrade your winch straps with the Murdoch Webbing 1 3/4" Strapping. Enjoy the convenience and reliability of this set specifically designed for Glacier Ice Fish Houses. Trust in Murdoch's commitment to quality and durability, and experience worry-free transportation of your fish house with these sturdy and dependable winch straps.

Straps are 1 7/8" Wide

Contains 2 long straps measuring 11' long, and 1 short strap measuring 7' long

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